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If you’re like most Australians, you’re surrounded by adverts for casinos and poker machines. They’re just EVERYWHERE, aren’t they? Is everyone in Australia really winning money online (even on-the-go on their mobile phones) while you’re the nitwit missing out?

So, it seems that the answer is a definitive Y-E-S. These sites are quickly gaining in popularity and as a result, they’re paying out millions of dollars. This doesn’t mean there’s still not a lot of hype out there. We’ve done our research and cut through the rubbish to bring you 5 things you need to know before considering gambling online in Australia.

# 1: Free spins on signup are your friend! Everyone loves a no-risk win

Online gambling sites need to earn your business. That’s why many offer free spins on signup. This gives you a chance to try their offering while at the same time enjoying the benefits of a free chip! Look out for sites that offer free spins and give you the chance to win without any risk. You’ll get to keep your winnings – which are credited directly to your player account regardless of whether or not you’ve deposited any money. If you’re happy with the site and you see that it pays out, you’ll be more likely to choose that specific casino to play at. At this, ladies and gents, is the precise definition of a ‘win-win’!

# 2: High payout rates = highest probability of winning

Look for the casinos with the highest payout rates. A payout rate lets you know how often the casino actual pays out. The higher the payout rate, the higher the probability is that you’ll be able to win at a given casino. An honest casino will publish these rates (you can usually find them listed on the website, you can also check directly with a customer service representative). Regulated casinos MUST publish these figures. Payout rates usually range from 91% to 97 or even 98%. Obviously, the higher the number, the better so make sure to check!

# 3: Play Higher Risk Games for Less Time to Capture Big Payouts

Unlike some other casino games, pokies are all about luck. A secret that not a lot of people know though is that not each game is created to be as risky as the next. A technical term from statistics called "variance" is used in the world of casino gambling games to describe how risky a certain game is. The lower the variance games let you win more frequently but with smaller amounts. High variance games pay out huge amounts, even with small bets. The risk increases the longer you play but the chances of winning is highest at the start. Therefore, it's recommended to play larger money bets and spin the wheels less as opposed to smaller bets and playing for a long time. The larger the bet, the higher your chances of winning big.

# 4: Play progressives online to make your millions!

Winning big means playing on big jackpots, or more specifically, progressive online jackpots games. Casino gambling sites offer a range of progressive pokies games that give you access to MASSIVE jackpots. These massive jackpots are what make lucky winners millionaires from one minute to the next. Online progressive jackpot pokies (like the ones shown down below) have continually growing jackpots that easily get to over $1m. Online casino progressive jackpots have been around for well over 15 years and the largest one ever won (by a lucky Finnish lady in 2013) was over $15m! The best strategy when it comes to progressive jackpot games, as their odds are less favorable than regular pokies, is to bet a small amount and always bet max. Mix them nicely with the regular online pokies you love for the best odds and the best payouts.

# 5: Don’t miss out on First Deposit Bonus offers

Online casino websites almost always offer a promotion on the first deposit you make. These bonuses are called first deposit bonuses and are usually clearly advertised on the casino website. When you sign up for the casino, you’ll also get these offers (an all promotional offers) via email. Some of these first deposit bonuses are larger than others and some are game specific like a special bonus for pokies or for blackjack. At Casino Room, Australia's top ranking online casino, new players get 80 FREE spins and a 100% deposit bonus! This means if you deposit just $20, you will get $40 free, taking your total playable balance to $60. at the casino. This is a great offer and will give you a serious boost toward winning big!

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